Artist Statement:

From a very young age I was fascinated with photography and took my first published news photograph at the age of 12. As years passed and with the emerging of digital photography I have evolved as a Fine Art Photographer with a focus on large format digital art.

I like to use my medium to highlite the natural beauty of the earth’s nature and all it’s creatures. Through my art I like to bring into natural harmony diverse colors of peoples with colors in nature.

I hope my digital art may portray compassion, peace and harmony.


Thor Magnusson born in Reykjavik Iceland, has decades of photographic experience. One of his first assignments was the Icelandic Heimaey volcanic eruption for the Sunday Times London. His photographs were the first available internationally distributed all over the world through Camera Press in London.

After completing a diploma in fashion and advertising photography from the UK Medway College of Art and Design (University for the Creative Arts) Thor ran photographic studios for many years. He branched into other business ventures, was the founder of Mastercard in Iceland, became one of the pioneers in Europe of electronic shopping systems that we now use daily on the Internet and then into humanitarian work.

Thor founded the Peace 2000 Institute in Reykjavik that has received awards for its humanitarian flights into war torn areas. Thor was awarded a Gandhi Humanitarian Award and the Holy Gold Cross of the Greek Orthodox Church at the nomination of UNESCO.

Thor, or as written in Icelandic Ástþór (God of Love) is a well known personality in Iceland. As a candidate in the Icelandic Presidential Elections, wants Iceland and its President to take on a new role as a beacon for world peace.

Thor has written a widely distributed book in Iceland, hundreds of newspaper articles and frequently been interviewed in all main stream media in the country. His photographs have been exhibited in Reykjavik, London and mainland Europe.  Thor has published a photographic book, Iceland Inside, that is available through bookshops in Iceland and on Amazon.com.

Currently Thor is developing new concepts in Fine Art Photography using the latest technology in large format printing. His images such as the Meninas that was exibited in the Parliament of Andalucia in Sevilla Spain May-July 2013 were sealed to last hundreds of years with a new process of liquid glass from www.glosspix.com.

Recent publications include a feature about Thor’s images in the Daily Mail UK.  His work was also selected as the Daily Telegraph Picture of the Day.