Suzhou, known for its natural beauty as well as historic sites, is the center for the wedding dress industry in China and much of the world.

Here we find the Grand Canal of China, also known as the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, is the longest ancient canal in the world. It was first built in Sui Dynasty and played an important role on increasing the economic, politic, and cultural communication between the north and the south. It is an architectural wonder in the world.

Hundreds of workshops, small and large, are producing wedding dresses for famous designers around the world. A large percentage of the world´s wedding dresses are produced here.

The Chinese like to visit the old city of Suzhou to get married and be photographed by the historic canal. As in the famous European city of Venice the old style boats go up and down the canal with tourists all day long.

One of the major tourist attraction is Tiger Hill with it´s pagoda that stands on the hill’s summit and is the Pagoda of the Yunyan Temple.  As the oldest pagoda in the vicinity of Suzhou it has come to be a symbol of the city and has the distinction of being China’s Leaning Tower.  Built during the Northern Song Dynasty (959-961) it is a seven-storey octahedron after the style of the timber pagodas built during the early Tang period. It is 48 metres high (158 feet) and for the past four hundred years has leant 359′ to the northwest.

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