Gallery exhibitions include:

  • Reykjavik 1974  – Volcanic Eruption in Heimaey
  • Reykjavik 2000 –  The Holy Land – photographs from Israel and Palestine
  • London 2000 – The Holy Land – photographs from Israel and Palestine
  • Reykjavik 2012 – Inside the volcano on the 40th anniversary of Heimaey Eruption.
  • Spain 2013 – Otras Meninas in the Parliament of Andalucia in Sevilla.
  • Spain 2013 – Sammer Gallery Puerto Banus Marbella
Exhibition in the Parliament of Andalucia Spain

Opening Concert at the Exhibition in Parliament of Andalucia Spain

Recent news feature about Thor Magnusson and the latest exhibition done with GlossPix.com liquid resin:
  • Inside the Volcano is the Telegraph Picture of the day - The Daily Telegraph featured Inside the Volcano as the picture of the day! Thousands of Like´s, Tweets and Shares from around the world are on the images published by The Telegraph and the Daily Mail that ran a weekend feature with several images.   http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/picturegalleries/picturesoftheday/9666592/Pictures-of-the-day-9-November-2012.html?frame=2393502#
  • Daily Mail feature: “Inside the rainbow volcano” - Inside the rainbow volcano: Breathtaking beauty of multi-coloured caverns created by molten rock forced through the Earth’s crust The Daily Mail in UK has featured the Iceland Inside book and images. The Daily Mail publication was immediately reported by RUV (Iceland State Broadcasting) and VISIR the main independent news portal: […]