Otro Meninas Series:

Immortal Artist and Spirit of Earth

Circle of Life – As the horses breed a new generation under the landscape of the Eyjafjallajokull volcano, the little horserepresents the re-incarnation of the little princess.

Energy of Life – The Geysir hot spring is natures expression of energy and it´s springs erupt every 20 minutes. Itrepresents the creative energy of the artist while the sun rising through the steam represents the power entrusted with the ruler by the Sun God.

Immortal Artist – As explorers decent 200 meters down into the earth at the Thrihnjukagigur volcanic crater they enter into the greatest art studio on the planet, created by God himself and expressed on canvas by the human energy.

Inside Spirit Earth – From the earth we come to the earth we return. Inside the volcano show a spectrum of colors that until now was only available to travelling spirits.